Sodium Nitrite

Sodium Nitrite

What is Sodium Nitrite

Sodium nitrite is an inorganic compound that has the chemical formula NaNO2. Sodium Nitrite is a yellowish-white crystalline powder in appearance and soluble in water and aqueous solution. Sodium nitrite is a non-combustible compound itself, but its hygroscopic nature assists other combustible materials burning. It is an essential salt from an industrial perspective. The reduction of nitrate salts when exposed to heat, light, ionizing radiation, metals, electrolytic reduction, and oxidation of lower nitrogen oxides in alkaline solution in the presence of a catalyst. 

Sodium nitrite is toxic but in large amounts. It may cause the death of animals like rats even if used in a lower dose. Because of its toxicity, it is used to control the growth of feral pigs or wild boars. It reduces the amount of oxygen produced by haemoglobin, so animals feel faint and pass out; and die without any pain. 

A small quantity of sodium nitrite is also present in vegetables naturally. Sodium nitrite has a high reputation as the essential industry compound because of its wide range of uses. 

Sodium nitrites may have toxic nature, but it has used for curing cyanide poisoning with sodium thiosulfate. Sodium nitrite speeds up the curing of meat. It also imparts a pink shade on meat, which attracts customers and gives a fresh look. It has a preservative nature, which is effective for processed meat (like ham, bacon, and bologna) as color and appearance are necessary for customer acceptance. Sodium nitrites have a great deal in producing organic-nitrogen compounds. And also as a reagent for conversion of diazo which is for the production of many dyes.



It is used in numerous industrial applications like:-

  • Used as a cure for cyanide poisoning
  • Used for color in meat
  • Used as a toxin for wild boars. 
  • Used as a food additive
  • Used as a food preservative
  • Used for the production of many nitrate salts.
  • Uses inhibition of microbial growth

… and many more.

Details of SNDB Chemicals Sodium Nitrite can be found below:-


Physical Properties

Chemical formulaNaNO2
AppearanceYellowish white crystals
Density2.168 g/cm3
Melting point271 °C

Technical Specifications

ParametersUnitTechnical GradeFood Grade
AppearanceWhite crystal Free flowWhite crystals free flow
Assay% min9999
Nitrates (as NaNO3)% min0.200.20
Carbonates (as Na2CO3)max ppm400400
Chlorides (as NaCl)max ppm5020
Insoluble matter in watermax ppm5020
Water (Loss on drying)% max0.200.005
Heavy metals (as Pb)max ppm1010


  • 25 Kg Laminated Woven sacks
  • 50 Kg Laminated Woven sacks
  • 1000 Kg Jumbo Bags