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Coatings & Construction Chemicals

SNDB’s Coatings and Construction chemicals are used to enhance the performance of building related materials used in the construction Industry. And they are also used in a variety of high-quality raw materials to be used in the Coatings sector.

Construction industry is generally the most important driver of any economy. The global construction industry accounts for the majority of the Global GDP. Construction chemicals have always been playing a vital aspect in all sorts of Construction projects – residential, commercial, or Industrial. Construction chemicals are added to concrete or mortar to enhance their properties or compatibility with the structure of the buildings.

The various types of Construction chemicals are Concrete curing compounds, Polymer Bonding agents, Mould releasing agents, Form Release agents, Concrete Floor hardeners, Non-Shrink high Strength grout, Surface retarders and many more.

In Addition, these chemicals reduce the requirement of water and cement required during construction. This is further anticipated to boost the demand of these chemicals in the coming years.

Coatings Chemicals are raw materials in the form of chemical constituents that are incorporated into the coatings industry. These may be used to add to paints or coatings formulation during their manufacturing process. They may also be used to make components intended to be combined in the field to produce the best products.

A protective and decorative coatings is a layer of material with may be applied to the surface of another material to prevent corrosion. These may be metallic or non-metallic in nature. Material used for manufacturing these coatings include zinc, aluminium and chromium.

We can deliver tailor made solutions as per the client’s requirements by the support our professionals who have in depth industry knowledge.

We are committed to delivering innovative end solutions for Coatings and Construction chemicals industry. SNDB has been the leader in Coatings and Construction chemicals industry for over 70 years, while providing high quality raw materials with reliable and impeccable service.

Some of the most used Coatings and Construction chemicals are Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Hydroxide, Lime, Calcium Silicate, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide, Carbon Black etc.

Coatings and Construcion Chemicals Offered