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Paper & Leather Chemicals

SNDB’s paper and leather chemicals are used in the paper industry and leather industry for manufacturing or modify/enhancing their properties. These find use in a variety of applications such as Addition of colour and brightness to paper, modify properties by increasing strength of or making it water resistant, coatings, tanning, dyeing etc.

Paper industry is an especially important industry despite the adoption of Digitalization and electronic communications. Other than reading and writing, paper industry is thriving as they are now used in Packaging materials, boards, tissues, disposables etc. The industry has been under constant pressure for its negative environment effects not only since it contributes to deforestation, but also for its ever-increasing use of water in manufacturing paper. Paper chemicals help bridge the gap as they contribute to more efficient processes which help in reducing the water consumption and help in increasing the yield.

Leather is one the maximum trader commodities in the world today. The growth in the leather industry revolves around the fashion world. Manufacturing of leather is from Animal hides which are a waste product of the Meat industry.

Paper and Leather chemicals play an especially important role in the manufacturing of paper and leather. Since both these products are manufactured by sources available naturally such as tress and meats, their processing becomes very critical part of the industry. For example, chemicals are very important in procession of animal skin to leather as they act as hair removing agent.

Some of the most widely used Paper and Leather chemicals are Calcium sulfate, Aluminium Sulfate, Barium Carbonate, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Calcium Oxide, Aluminium Chloride, Sodium Hydrosulphide, Formic acid etc.

Paper & Leather Chemicals Offered