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Pyrotechnic & Explosive Chemicals

Pyrotechnic & Explosive Chemicals are used by Fireworks and Explosive manufacturing industries.

A pyrotechnic composition is a substance designed to give effects of Heat, Light, Sound, Gas, Smoke and combinations of all these arising out of self-sustaining chemical reactions which are exothermic in nature. These substances do not rely on oxygen as an external source of combustion.

Chemicals play a vital role in fireworks by imparting them with properties such as Colour, Smoke, Light, gas, Noise, heat etc. SNDB Pyrotechnic & Explosive Chemicals find many applications in a wide array of Civilian and Military systems all across the globe. Such chemicals combine to make a mixture that can explode to product light, colour, air and audible effects as can be seen in various fireworks.

Chemicals such as Aluminium Powder, Sulphur, Barium Nitrate/Potassium Nitrate (oxidising agents) are used in the manufacturing of fireworks. While the use of Potassium Nitrate goes into Noise Making crackers, Barium Nitrate is for imparting colour to the fireworks.

The difference between Pyrotechnics and Explosives lie in their combustion process. In Pyrotechnics, the combustion occurs by deflagration which means layer by layer combustion in contract to explosives where the combustion leads to immediate detonation.

Explosives are reactive substances that contain a great potential for energy that can product an explosion if released suddenly. SNDB offers some of the chemicals that go into the manufacturing of solid propellants and explosives.

We supply chemicals like Nitric Acid, Sodium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Chlorate, Formaldehyde etc to companies all over the world.

Pyrotechnic & Explosive Chemicals Offered