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Glass & Ceramics Chemicals

SNDB’s Glass and Ceramic chemicals are either sourced from World Class companies or manufactured by itself which has enabled us to bring the full range of speciality and bulk chemicals to our customers in the Glass and Ceramic industry.

Ceramics and Glass products are used in a lot of industrial applications ranging from Metallurgy, Chemical, Mechanical, refractories, Consumer Goods etc. Although Ceramic and Glasses are different materials but are also remarkably close to each other in terms of compositions. One of the major differences being that ceramics are crystalline in nature whereas Glasses are amorphous in nature. Another major difference is that Glasses never melt under high temperatures, although they do soften down, but Ceramics do melt at extremely high temperatures.

Glass is a product that is manufactured by melting a mixture of Silica sand, Sodium Compounds and Calcium compounds with or without the presence of metal oxides whose purpose is to impart colour to the glass.
The Glass industry majorly consists of Float Glass, Container Glass, Specialty Glass and Fiberglass.

On the other hand, Ceramics is a remarkably diverse industry that consists of Refractories, Sanitaryware, Cement, Ceramic tiles, and Advanced ceramics. The tiles industry can be further segregated into a plethora of industry types and SNDB is a preferred supplier of chemicals to such industries worldwide.

Glass and Ceramic chemicals are critical to each industry in this segment and are used in every process that goes into their manufacturing. These chemicals have multiple roles and while some are basic raw materials required for manufacturing (Like Silica sand in case of glass), others contribute by acting as Antifoaming Agents, Flux, Stabilizers, Crystallizing agents, Matting Agents, Oxidising agents etc.

SNDB pioneers in supplying Glass and Ceramic chemicals like Sodium Oxide, Sodium Nitrate, Calcium Oxide, Feldspar, Boric Acid, Metal Oxides, Barium Carbonate, Potassium Nitrate and many more.

Glass & Ceramic Chemicals Offered